Overjet Dentistry AI imaging Xray

Improving Lives with Dental AI

Overjet’s FDA-cleared AI platform analyzes dental images, quantifies detected pathology, and drastically improves diagnostic precision and accuracy.

Overjet is a Patient-Centric Dental AI Solution Designed for DSOs

It will become your closest ally in turning innovation into your organization’s competitive advantage.


AI: Vision

Overjet automatically annotates X-rays to bring color, visibility, transparency and quantification into clinical patient communication that enables your staff to communicate more confidently and effectively for better case acceptance.


AI: Review

Review every patient chart to find overutilization, underutilization & quality of treatment to empower your practice leadership with actionable practice-wide insights on treatment opportunities, protocol adherence & productivity.


AI: Daily

Your morning huddles just got better! Daily clinical to-do list for your staff with identification of patient care opportunities, overdue protocols and administrative needs. It supports compliance with standard protocols and treatment planning.

Detailed Findings and Care at Your Fingertips

When dentists see objective confirmation of a diagnosis they made, they feel more confident, and patients know they can trust their doctors. Guided by a patient-centric AI, Overjet’s FDA-cleared platform offers more data points in x-rays than previously possible. Overjet identifies key findings that lead to better care and patient outcomes to drive your business forward.

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